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Yin and Yang – a concept used to describe and explain the process of constant change in nature. Clean Pure Ocean Air. There are many jungle animals around the house, such as monkeys who come to visit, ant bears, all kinds of iguanas, squirrels and all types of birds and parrots The house is at the height of the eagles hovering directly above it

Because the villa is located high up in the mountains, you can witness the constant change of nature.

360 nature view

Ocean view bedroom

All is peaceful and quiet. Hearing only the soothing noise of crashing waves. Waking up to an ocean/ jungle view.


Costa Rica

Luxury Design

Comfort in nature

A combination of ocean and beach views in a luxurious setting and luscious green Valleys.


Costa Rica

Jungle Life

Wildlife Wonder

There are many jungle animals around the house, such as monkeys, eagles, iguanas,..


Costa Rica

Sea Life






Stunning, mesmerizing and bliss experiences

In the rainy season there are the 50 shades of green, the whales and dolphins and other wildlife animals and in the dry season the jungle receives the sun and loses its varying shades and the animals come out of hiding.
The changes in the ocean at low tide and high tide and the spectacular sunsets that change every season and day.

Watching the pink sunrises and the awakening of the world right from your bed. And of course the moon and how it affects the universe because when the moon is full you can actually touch it.



Owner of Villa Nof Yam


Waking up to paradise is just one of the best experiences to be had. Then going for a surf lesson followed by a delicious breakfast right on the beach. Spend the next hours visiting magnificent waterfalls, explore the wild beaches and end your day with a perfect sunset!

Magie Smith

Influencer, Traveler

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