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Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

We, Tami & Ran came to Costa Rica 6 years ago for the first time and fell in love with the place. The tranquil beaches make up the scenery, the energy of the people, and the atmosphere of a small village in paradise. And most importantly yoga and surfing. We knew at that moment that this was the place where we wanted to live.

That’s why we immediately started work on building our dream house as we set the home on the edge of the mountain stead with a full ocean view.


Villa Nof Yam became our escape into the luscious jungle of Santa Teresa. We now invite you to experience Eco-Friendly Luxury! The villa is designed to offer you the tranquility of the surrounding mountains, all the luxury you would expect, and stunning panoramic jungle and ocean views. We invite you to fully experience soundproof insulation, 360 degrees oceanic and jungle views from the rooms, and to blissfully indulge in the saltwater pool! This state-of-the-art villa takes pride in being one of Santa Teresa’s most impressive eco-villas.


“Pura Vida“, everyone in this little country uses these two words and in many different contexts. It means Pure Life or simple life. This has a lot to do with the culture of Costa Rica and the attitude of the Ticos. They tend to be very relaxed and stress free. There really is no need for worries when you are in paradise! Similar to the concept of Yin and Yang, it’s a simple appreciation of life and the realization that life is what you make of it.

Santa Teresa is a cute little beach town in the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific coast. It’s a true paradise, with pristine beaches, epic surfing and incredible wildlife. It attracts a growing number of travelers each year because it offers the best of both worlds, an active restaurant and night life and an array of exciting activities during the day.

The experience of sustainable hospitality with an immersive nature experiences will delight you. Being immersed in this incredible nature will stir your emotions and consciousness. Being in this lush world and becoming part of its very rhythm, is something that will verily touch your soul.

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