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Villa Nof Yam
Yin Yang Luxury

Yin& Yang Design

Salt Water Pool

Yoga Center

Yin& Yang Lifestyle

Overlooking the ocean

Yin Yang Rooms

4 Master bedrooms with 5 master bathrooms

Villa Nof Yam, dedicated to sustainable design, bringing you Eco-Friendly luxury.


Santa Teresa offers many thrilling, fun and awesome activities and has an active and excellent restaurant and night life scene.


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“The retreat was just magical, so many beautiful, amazing people and the world’s best teachers on raw food and ecology!”


Lauren Munoz

“The villa was total luxury, my family and I experienced many beautiful moments together. There are so many activities to do such as surfing, yoga, adventure tours, horse riding and so much more.”


Ronald Snyder

“So many things to do here and so many magical moments to be had here. The service is excellent and the villa is breathtakingly beautiful. We are surrounded by luscious jungle forest and pristine, wild beaches.”


Jessica Hawkins

” The view is magnificent and the villa is modern, spacious and graceful. We wake up and see the ocean and the jungle without even having to leave the bed.”


Sean West